AutoSmarts Car Course


For most people, buying a vehicle can be a very challenging and stressful process. Besides a home, it is usually one of the most expensive items people will ever purchase. The variables and options may seem endless, but with the right approach and preparation, you will save valuable time and money and take control of your car-buying experience.

In my AutoSmarts Car Course, we will cover:

Past Car Buying Experiences

Past car buying experiences

We’ll review your previous car buying experiences and then work together to determine your most important priorities for taking this course.

What to do before you go to the dealership

What to do BEFORE you go to the dealer

Discover the three critical questions you need to answer before you ever visit the dealership.

Your various financing options

The various financing options available to you

The dealership and the bank want to help you to purchase a vehicle. You just need to know your best options. 

Good Car Research

How to do the proper research  

It is easy to get vehicle pricing (and other information) online. But I’ll be able to show you where to look and how to leverage this information to your benefit.

What to do when you first walk into a dealership

They will do everything in their power to sell you a vehicle before you leave the dealership. You’ll learn how to prepare for and control your experience.  

How Dealerships Make Money

How dealerships make money  

If you know their secrets of how they make money selling cars, you can arm yourself with the right information to negotiate the best deal possible.

Car Trade In Value

Trading in your current vehicle

I’ll show you how to value your trade-in vehicle and how to get the most possible cash for it. 

Getting the best price for a new car

Getting the best price on your new car

It requires some research and effort, but by following the steps in this course, you will be confident you are getting the best price on your new car.  

Sticker prices, invoice prices, and other fees

Sticker prices, invoice prices, and other common fees

Knowing what they all mean and which ones are important to the dealership can make all the difference between getting a great deal or giving money away.

Discounts, rebates, and incentives

Discounts, rebates, and incentives

You’ll learn the differences between dealer discounts, customer cash, dealer cash, and other incentives.

Handling Car Sales Pressure

Negotiating and handling sales pressure

The moment you contact a dealership, the sales pressure will start.  I’ll show you to handle the stress of buying a car and negotiating the best price on the car you want.  


You will need to review and sign a variety of documents in order to purchase a vehicle. We’ll cover some of the most common ones and discuss the best ways to handle the paperwork process. 

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Satisfied Customers

Testimonial from Carole Goodman

Carole Goodman
Bridgton, ME

Tim helped me get a much $$$$ better deal.

I hired Tim and he spent time with me and listened to my needs. He began to educate me, but then took it further...He helped me find the car I fell in love with and then helped me negotiate with that dealership. He told me he may be able to get a better deal, but it will take a little more time.

While I was waiting, Tim called around to other dealerships that sold that brand. Within a day, he found the car I was looking for and got a much $$$$ better deal.

  Thank you Tim for:

  1st. The education

  2nd. Putting in the time and effort

  3rd. Getting me a better deal.