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Stress-Free Car Buying!

My name is Tim Larsen and I’ve been selling cars for the past four decades. As a salesman and a manager at several different dealerships, I’ve sold more than 10,000 vehicles to people just like you.

During this time, a lot of things have changed (Internet anyone?!?) but one thing hasn’t – most people still hate the process of buying a car.   I started this company to help people save money and time when they purchase their next vehicle.

My course will help remove the stress and uncertainty that comes with making such a big purchase.  You’ll learn the insider tricks to help find your next car at the best price and do it all with confidence.

About Tim Larsen

Selling cars since August 1988

Sold more than 10,000 vehicles

Managed and sold for several dealerships in NH and Maine

Started AutoSmarts in 2018

Trained hundreds of sales associates

Developed training programs for new sales associates

More than 20 years of sales certification

Sick of of the Bull? Get the Facts!


Satisfied Customers

Testimonial from Carole Goodman

Carole Goodman
Bridgton, ME

Tim helped me get a much $$$$ better deal.

I hired Tim and he spent time with me and listened to my needs. He began to educate me, but then took it further...He helped me find the car I fell in love with and then helped me negotiate with that dealership. He told me he may be able to get a better deal, but it will take a little more time.

While I was waiting, Tim called around to other dealerships that sold that brand. Within a day, he found the car I was looking for and got a much $$$$ better deal.

  Thank you Tim for:

  1st. The education

  2nd. Putting in the time and effort

  3rd. Getting me a better deal.